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Opening Grilles - Kitbash

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1 Opening Grilles - Kitbash on Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:21 pm


one thing that can really add eye appeal to a build is having a see through grille

this is how i go about it

starting with a grille from a 62 chevy

i start with a coarse file and begin removing material from the back of the grille area

take your time here, this took about 15 minutes of light filing, you do not want to damage the area you plan to use, just remove excess material. here half of the grille is filed to the point the plastic is basically see through in the soon to be open areas

now to clean it up i used the tip of a #11 hobby blade and carefully scraped out the excess plastic from the backside

you can see how much material i have actually removed when you compare it to the other side that i have not started on yet

a view from the front

now its time to repeat the process on the other side

all opened up

now i will warn you, you cannot do this with all grilles in all kits, some are just cast way too shallow to leave enough plastic to be stable.

good luck on whatever you try it out on

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2 Re: Opening Grilles - Kitbash on Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:15 pm

I've seen this done with a dremel, as well. I would be a bit worried with the dremel, afraid that I would melt it, but, a file like this might be more my style.

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