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34 Ford Project - Kitbash

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1 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:31 pm


told ya i had a truck up my sleeve for a build..

a while back someone posted a sketch on facebook ( i dont remember who it was but wish i did so i could give them credit ) but i asked them at the time if they minded if i tried to build it in plastic using some of the main concepts.
here is the sketch that is the inspiration for this build

to pull this off, i have sourced a pair of these

the building blocks i am starting with

now masking one off just below the belt line, and the other just above the hinge

time to get the razor saw out Twisted Evil

now truing up the cuts by using the figure 8 motion on sandpaper on a flat surface

the test fit

i cut a couple pieces of strip styrene to strengthen the joints a bit

i glue these to the inside of one of the body sections using my trusty specialized clamps and some liquid cement

i let the bolsters set up overnight so i make sure they are solid

now the styrene makes it easier to line up the body panels to get them as close to flush as possible

fancy clamps in action once again

and a bit of top to bottom squishage just to make sure the joint is strong

the results of the clamping bounce

masking off the body lines so i dont damage them as i add filler and do some sanding

2 part body filler getting ready to go on

filler applied

most of that will be sanded off but thats where i am leaving things for now
cya when i can

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2 Re: 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:45 pm

Ok, Wayne, you've got my attention!

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3 Re: 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:03 pm

This should be a wicked little truck, any ideas on color yet?

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4 Re: 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:18 pm


Nope, was thinking of ratting it but I think I will be happier with a bit of shine.
Will have to see closer to paint time

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5 Re: 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:34 am

Ratting this out would be pretty cool. Like taking it and making new life. (Where is that Frankenstein emoticon when I need it?)

I love seeing rat rods that are done right. Redneck engineering at it's best. Very Happy

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6 Re: 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:49 pm


i dunno if i can bring myself to make it ratty lol

until i have to decide we go with a bit of an update

sanded the filler smooth and hit it with a shot of primer

to clean up the door lines, i dragged the edge of my razor saw down them

a quick peek at how the hood normally looks

you can see the height difference in the side view

now i could have taken the 2 sets of side panels, sanded all the details off them, cut them and grafted them together to do the hood sides. i am taking the easy route instead..grabbed some .020 sheet styrene

now i will use the originals as a template

i added a bit of extra height that i will trim off later

both sides rough cut

setting things up for a mock up, i see i am gonna have to do a bit of massaging to get this kit to fit together the way i want it

measuring for my overall height of the side panels

getting close..

next time i hope to get the grill trimmed and fitted

cya in a few

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7 Re: 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:43 pm

Nice job on the new hood sides! And I've got a suggestion for the hood sides, there are two ways you can add the vents back in and make it look good. One is to buy some styrene stairs from your local hobby shop, that is if they carry railroad stuff. The stairs they have are just right to simulate vents, just cut holes in the sides of the hood, glue 'em in place, and you're set. The second way takes a bit more work, but I've pulled it off before and it comes out looking pretty unique. Instead of writing out how I did it, I'll post some step-by-step pics, if you want to go this route I can send you some of the mesh I used to help out.

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8 Re: 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:39 pm

Wow, Wayne, that is looking real good. I understand about the ratting it out, though. I really think that you should just have pieces parts, not an actual kit.

Mike, I love the mesh. Wayne, you may want to consider that, it would look pretty awesome.

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9 Re: 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:41 am

nice job so far Wayne, I like it.

really like the mesh idea Mike. may have to do that on a future build.
would look good on your build Wayne, with four slots instead of three, since the hood sides are taller.

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10 re; 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:09 pm

A Very Interesting build you have going there Mr. Kitbash!! I'm hoping to see MORE in the near future Sir,, & those vents & screening are KILLER Custom Mike !! beautiful work.. Well , till next time,, Keep Up The GOOD WORK ,,& GOD BLESS

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11 Re: 34 Ford Project - Kitbash on Sat Sep 12, 2015 7:37 pm

Kewl, just found this, like it

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