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Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash

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1 Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:05 am


Well i dont feel so timid building a plane as i used the airfix as a teething tool so i didnt go into this build off blind.
also didnt want to screw up a Tamiya kit so the practice would have been worth it lol

starting subject matter:

the add ons:

lets pop the box open and see whats inside

2 decal sheets, one with invasion stripes..... nah i am gonna aim for close to the box art on this one i think
Big Big difference between this kit here and the airfix i completed earlier

panel lines look to be much easier to work with, i know the airfix kit was older and fun to build but , if it makes sense, looks like it will be easier and more fun lol

fuselage and wings look to have well though out joining areas where the seams should not be hard to fill

a bit of tape to do a quick mock up and see how much filling i will be in for later

looks to be almost no filling will be necessary once glue is applied and should only be minimal sanding to get the seams flush
even the wing assembly is made with close enough tolerances that it stays in place for mock up without tape or glue

will add more info as i go along
off to work now
cya soon

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2 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:05 am



another example of how nice the seams line up

taking a look at the resin pieces, shame some will have to be sanded and modified to accept some of the photo etch
this stuff looks great

looks like a bit of a difference if you compare to the kit parts

time to start trimming off some of the excess resin

after trimming

other side

got the excess off the bottom of the seat as well

also in need of a bit of drill work

all opened up

also got a new delivery this week

figured i will need it and after playing with it for a bit i cant figure how i used etch without it before

funny enough, the first piece of photo etch is destined to be flat lol

drilled out the resin instrument panel

popped out the center section

a bit of filing and sanding to square up the edges and i have somewhere to mount the etch

a touch of glue to hold it in place on the backside and set it aside to dry

also the inside of the fuselage will need to be sanded to mount the side panels in place

bit of a test fit

have more for ya in a few days

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3 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:06 am


ok time to fit the side panels in place
first things first, need to remove the molded in details on the inside of the fuselage

for this i use a flat bladed hobby blade and scrape the details down until everything is flush

once i have them cleaned off

its time to get out the super glue and the expensive clamps again

in position

lets see what photo etch details we can add here

upper panels scraped flush

new PE detail added

same thing on the other side

now the canopy has a detail strip for the leading edge

bit of glue

i hit the cockpit pieces with white primer

gonna have to wait till i get more bench time for another update
cya in a bit

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4 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:07 am


time to do a bit of pre shading before i throw some color on the interior
load up some flat black

tuning my airbrush down as fine as i dare i ghosted the black on all the areas where shadows would fall in a real plane

i also hit some of the recessed areas inside the cockpit area

major interior color is green zinc chromate

i throw on a first coat

also pre shaded the seats to add some depth before color

after the second coat of the green zinc chromate

cya next time =o)

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5 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:07 am


not a ton done on this one this week but an update none the less lol
added a bit of color and depth to the inner fuselage and seat
first to the seat

gonna add a leather seat pad for comfort =o)

then add a bit of lighter color for definition on the belts

now it is time for a pin wash to add more depth of shadows, i make mine with 6 drops of my acrylic thinner combo and 1 drop of black paint. i then use a fine brush to just let the wash flow into all the recesses

then i start blocking in some of the interior color, this will still be fine tuned and lightly weathered by the time it is done so i am not being picky about it at this stage

thats it on this one for now, cya next week

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6 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:08 am


just some quick posts to get things moving again here

painted up the photo etch side braces for the seats

a touch of super glue to hold them in place
also hit some of the other parts with base colors

landing gear

exhaust manifolds


and some zinc chromate in the wheel houses

all i have time for right now, will see another from me by the end of the week

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7 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:08 am


still doing some work on the cockpit here
the dash has the photo etch insert in it but i need to define the gauges a bit

i am gonna see what happens when you drybrush with a toothpick
i put some silver onto the toothpick and rub most of it off

insert the tip into each hole and spin lightly

not too bad, bit of touch up needed but i can live with it
now the hoto etch insert came with the gauge layout printed on white paper, which isnt bad as all i had to do is trim it down and install from the rear with white glue

but i still beed some clear over the gauge faces to make them look a bit better

out comes the trusty acrylic floor finish, a small dab into each of the gauge openings and then i set it aside to dry

seat does not look bad but i might change the color of the head rest for a bit of contrast

interior is coming along

i use a toothpick again, this time with black, to help add depth to the corners and creases

test fit shows that things are lining up properly for a change

almost time to button up the interior so i can start on the outside =o)

cya next update

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8 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:09 am


thanks guys, just got promoted at work and now i have my own shop
means a few more hours a week but i will still do what i can to get posts up as i build

trying something i have read a few times with the canopy

i am gonna soak them in future and let them dry

supposed to make them look more clear and somehow thinner

now i am gonna set them aside and let them dry under a plastic bowl to keep the dust off
gonna work on the radiator in the meantime

little too much bling in the bare aluminum

hit it with a bit of a black wash to pull out the fins

yea thats better

installed the rear bulkhead

almost time to start closing this thing up

i keep hearing how tamiya kits are so great with the fitting bit

meh.. i must have gotten a monday or friday kit

gonna take a bit of creative glueing to get it close then some filing and sanding to smooth things out
figured since it is a tamiya kit, i would try some of the tamiya extra thin cement to glue er up

started by lining up the top and flowing the glue into the seam

i let the capillary action draw the glue into the joint and use a few clamps to hold things snug until the glue dries

then i start working my way around the body, bit by bit, glue then set, glue then set

the last for the evening is to add the wheel bay area and get them set for next time

cya as soon as i can

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9 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:09 am


ok, snuck a bit of time in the hobby room today so its time for an update
after glueing the 2 halves of the fuselage together, there are a few seam lines and other areas i want to fill
out comes my 2 part body filler, applied with a flat tooth pick

keeps the excess to a minimum and keeps cleanup and sanding simple
hit all seams, top and bottom

15 mins later i sand it down ( thats why i love the 2 part fillers =o) )

time to wing it a bit
lower portion of the wings are a bit finicky, took the creative clamp and glue approach to get them to sit how they should

once the bottoms were in place, i attached the wing tops

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10 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:10 am


thanks guys
time to look at some of the fitting on the kit
wing fitment is ok on the left wing

but lacking a bit on the right

after a bit of filling with my spot putty and some sanding, its time to close off a few of the larger openings

we dont want to get paint in there and ruining all we have done up till now
hmmm how about some of the paper shop towels.....

lower fuselage hole filled
now being careful, i pack the cockpit with the same blue shop towels

and then the wheel bays

now i have not tried the valejo primers yet but i have heard nothing but good things about them.. so on my last trip to hobby town i picked up a bottle

loaded up the airbrush and primed the fuselage

i will tell you now, while the valejo primer flows well and lays down well enough. i dont like it. after allowing the kit to sit for 3 days i picked it up to go to the next stage and i was not impressed, i used my fingernail lightly on the surface and the primer flaked off way too easily for my liking.
you can see the result in this pic

i then scrubbed it off with a toothbrush and warm water and went to my normal standby for primer

next i decided to take a queue from jeff and open up some vent holes

weapon of choice

32 holes on each side, about 2 mins per hole to drill with the pin vise

there went an hour

and i have to fill the front row and redrill them to make them right. thats what happens when the eyes bug out from staring too much lol
ok i shall see you in a few days, hopefully i can sort out the vent holes in the next post

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11 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:10 am


bit of work on it this week

some redrilling and sanding to clean up the vents

rescribing some of the panel lines to deepen them a bit

added the intake shroud to the underside

flaps are now securely in place

air exhaust door glued in place

side view

not much left in the small parts side of things

all primed

will have to take care of the seam on the tires

chuck up a toothpick on the drill and push the tire on

spin the drill and hold a sanding stick to it....poof.. no more seam

now that things are primed and ready for paint.....
gonna do a bit of pre shading on the fuselage
weapon of choice

underside done

then the sides

now since alot of the pics i see have the natural metal finish on much of the plane, this one is getting a base of this

the pre shading is kinda cool, you can only see it from certain angles

next week we do a bit of panel shading and adding the blue to match the box art
cya soon

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12 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:11 am


ok first i will show you the steps leading up to the clearcoat misshap

starting with the fuselage with the base coat

i pick 2 colors from the rack

these i mix a small portion.. 6 drops ally and 2 drops gunmetal
the goal here was just enough difference in color to look like a separate panel on a real plane
first thing i tried as a mask was post it notes

i wasnt really impressed with the tackiness of the post it's so i swapped over to regular tape

picking a few arbitrary panels on the plane, i started with the color modulation

this is going the way i want it for a change.. lets mask off the nose for the blue

3 thin coats later

now i got the colors all the way i want them
i decide the decals will be next....but before i can lay decals down i have to get a clear coat on it so the decals lay flat..
figuring it has been a few days since the base coat, and its acrylic ( should be able to over coat with anything )
i decant some duplicolor clear and hit it with 2-3 light coats
all was great for about 3 minutes lol
this is the result

luckily the lifting is localized to a few isolated areas and will not be hard to sort out.
the running of the base coat is going to require smoothing, masking and repainting of the nose area
out comes the 800 grit wet/dry on the underside of the nose

dug out my trusty purple friend for the paint removal on the ailerons

they are swimming for a bit now

trying yet another masking medium, bought this just before christmass and been waiting for a reason to try it

ignore the snowflakes as i snip a bit off

remasked the nose so i can reshoot the aluminum

and the lower exit door

out comes the aluminum tamiya

i now have a new favorite masking material , i like it better than parafilm m because there is no stretching before hand. you literally press it in place then peel it off after the paint is on.
cya again soon

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13 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:58 pm


bit more progress on the P51

with the paint touched up on the nose

time to do a bit of decal work

weapons of choice

first decal in place

slowly working my way down the side

i gotta say, i am not very impressed with Tamiyas decals, very fragile, they rip and sliver easily and are generally a nightmare to use so far

right side almost done

some of them are insanely small, but they look good when in place

on to the wing where you can see the problem with the fragile decals, this one just basically fell apart when it hit the wing... smh

now i have one side of the plane done, i am going to give the panel lines a bit of depth
i grad a touch of burnt sienna oil paint and some black

i over thin this with mineral spirits so its basically tinted thinner

this is what they call a pin wash, you load up a fine brush with the thinner mixture and touch the tip to the panel lines. capillary action draws the thinner into the lines and seams and adds depth


wing before

wing after

tail panel lines came up decent as well

one side of the tail done, the other waiting for decals

overall its looking ok so far

cya again soon

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14 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:07 am


finished up with the decals this morning

here is how she looks

time for a bit of a pin wash on this side

10% enamel paint 90% mineral spirits. using the fine tipped brush, load the brush and just touch the tip to the panel lines so the cappilary action draws the wash into the valleys

while that dries its time for a bit of prop work

first set of decals in place

second set

assembling the prop with a dab of superglue on each end

nose cone in place and the worst pic out of the lot lol

oh well, gonna have to wait for clearer pics later as i have a few things to do today.
cya soon

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15 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:08 am

Looking good.

I love the details you are putting into this. I cannot wait to see it done. Very Happy

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16 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:43 pm

Military modelers have way more cool detailing thing available to them, it's not fair! All the added PE and resin stuff is coming out great, and it looks like you got the decals on nicely, even if they did tear! And you've taught me something about the shading of parts, I never even thought about doing what you did to bring those details out in the cockpit!

One day I'll break out one of my 1/48th A-10's and go nut with the details, having worked with 'em for 8 years, I've got all the reference material I need in my head!

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17 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:05 pm

Nothing better than the sound of an A-10 letting the cannon loose. Loved them when we called for CAS.

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18 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:54 pm


Love that sound, the best plane the USAF has ever had!

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19 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:11 am


bit more done on this one this morning

to be honest i do not know the difference between the two different exhaust manifolds the kit offers so i am going with the one based solely on the eenie meenie miney moe process......
the winner is....

a quick test fit proves they will drop right in place so i hit em with a dab of super glue and send them home

i think they look good

they will need a bit of weathering though =o)

need a bit of detail paint on the gun barrels as well..
yes i could have drilled them out and whatnot but i am slacking here and just going to use paint.

bit o gunmetal on them.. you will see it on the later pics because i forgot to snap a pic when they were done ( oops)

also time for a bit of wheel work
lets detail them up a bit

tires i hit with tire black

forward tires got the same treatment

mounted up and ready to install

a dab og super glue to hold things in place

inner bay doors in place

and the hydraulics

rear wheel in place

alrighty then.. it even sits the way it is supposed to

next time i might go into the canopy, which looks like it will be a treat to mask and paint ..... Shocked

cya soon

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20 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:08 pm

Yup, the two things I hated about building aircraft, the landing gear and the stinkin' canopies....good luck with the canopy, I never was much good with 'em myself!

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21 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:44 pm

Looking real good.

I believe the headers differ when the aircraft is used in different ways. Like, if it is on an aircraft carrier and is used for certain types of missions, or, if it is changed over to a non military plane.

I would check to see what each is for, if you want authenticity. It is not that important, just makes for a great story if you ever want to incorporate it into a diorama. Very Happy

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22 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:59 pm


i figured since this plane went through a series of different engine changes in its lifetime, the exhausts would depict which engine it currently had in it but i may be wrong

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23 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:20 pm


i officially do not like canopies lol

alright here we go

got the canopy out of the tupperware container i had it stored in since i coated it with the future floor polish

using some "flower foam" i stick the part of the sprue into it so i can paint it easier

gonna use a bit of the blue for the front portion of the canopy

slowly ( and i still suck at it ) i paint the thin outer rim of the canopy

if i hold it over a white background , you can see how horrible it really is lol

my glue of choice for clear plastic parts

upper canopy mounted on the lower frame

while that dries i will do a bit of weathering on the plane
thinking i need a bit of gunfire residue on the wings so i grab some black oil paint

i use mineral spirits to thin it out just a bit, i still want this a bit thick for this application

a dab of paint behind each gun barrel

now grabbing a bit wider flat brush

i drag the paint in a straight back motion

how the effect looks on the topside

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24 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:28 pm

Yeah, canopies suck, there never seems to be enough of an edge to stop the brush from going over the line, and I always had problems with coverage in spots. I like the trick for the guns, I need to stash that little tip away for my next A-10!

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25 Re: Tamiyas North American P-51D - Kitbash on Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:03 am

Wow, looks great!

By the way, I believe the best way to make it so you don't see the mistakes on the canopy is to not put it over something white. Very Happy

The weathering looks awesome! Are you going to add the exhaust marks from the headers, too?

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