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cool fitty 50 olds mild custom

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1 cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 04, 2016 8:53 am


ok, because i dont have enough on my plate atm i am busting open another kit.

one of the fb groups has a build off going where you had to build a 50's kit... figured i would jump in on it to see if i can sneak in some build time here and there.

sad thing is, didnt see any rules posted when i looked, and come to find out, i started the build 1 day too early so i knocked myself out of the running right off the bat.

not that i was in it for the prizes or anything, could care less. was an excuse to try to get back in the hobby room a bit, even if it is only for 10-15 mins at a time over the next few weeks.

but since i have the kit opened anyhow..imma build it

gonna start with this

the goal here is a very mild custom with a minor chop top, different sneakers, and maybe a few engine upgrades along the way.

on initial inspections, this is one of the cleanest , most well detailed kits i have seen in a long time.

body had only 2 small mold lines to begin with which sanded right off.

doing what i call a ghetto chop on this one, no tape, just an eyeball job

out comes the razor saw

i split the rear to allow me to lay the roof down a bit and get the length i need to make the lines flow

front section glued in place

rear section tacked down

i use 2 part auto spot filler for the initial filling, it dries by chemical reaction and not evaporation so once it is dry it will not shrink any more over time

a post it notepad makes a great bodywork pallet

first application of tiller in place ( yes that is Leviathan in the background )

20 mins later i sanded down the first coat of filler

i am removing the drip rails for ease of bodywork, i will add them back later with small styrene rod

will need a second coat of filler to even things out and hit the small gaps i missed on the first run

this one i am using single stage spot filler, its darker and alot thinner application than my first pass so shrinking wont be a problem later. also this will have a few days to cure before i will be touching it again

i grab some of the other pieces out of the box
engine and radiator to be exact lol

have i told anyone latley how much i love my wife.... when she went to visit her family in the UK she got me a bit of a present that i have been itching to try out

lets try out a bit of brass for the radiator

30lb through the airbrush, looks the business to me

that went on so nice, now i have to try a few others... like aluminum

yep same great coverage even with no base coat

now for the real test, the chrome, i always shoot a black base when applying chrome coatings. this time i am trying without

surprisingly shiny considering i didnt use a base...happy me

ok thats all i have time for atm so i will get another update up here when i can

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2 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 04, 2016 9:00 am

Woo Hoo! Wayne's back on the table, surgically altering plastic again!

Man, looks good. Too bad you knocked yourself out of the running, but, at least you got back here and started posting again. Very Happy

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3 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 04, 2016 9:35 am


yea, that happens when you dont really have time to read or find rules before jumping into a contest lol.. no worries. i am making it a point to find time for a few sessions a week now and atleast one post a week.

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4 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Thu May 05, 2016 2:33 pm


day off today so i got a bit more engine and detail work in, after i did the lawn of course...

started with the radiator halves

the AK Interactive brass looks great, but the whole rad isnt brass, just the fins.. lets take care of that

out comes the masking tape

using a hobby knife, i trim the mask to cover the fins

a few coats of gloss black on the tanks

once dry, i peel the masks off the fins

a view of the rear rad section

also grabbed the detail brush and worked on the front timing cover

also since i had the brass out, i touched up the insert panel on the valve covers for a bit of contrast

tina helped me pick the engine block color =oX

once it dried i hit the tranny with tamiya silver

heads in place


timing cover

front view

and oil pan ( tamiya red )

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5 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Thu May 05, 2016 3:02 pm

Very nice. Getting a lot done.

I like the radiator trick, turning the fins to brass.

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6 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Mon May 09, 2016 7:38 pm


ok another quickie here

did some initial sanding on the chop

time for a coat of primer so i can sort out problem areas later, off to the paint booth again

now while that dries for a few days, i will play with the engine a bit

out comes the pin vise and i drill out the block for the dizzy

using a FatKid Hobby Products dizzy, really worth the money if you dont want to make them yourself.

also while i was at it, i am gonna hit a few more of the engine parts, now for painting them i use some floral foam and some tooth picks

some of the ak interactive metal paints come into play again

dull aluminum on the pulleys and some pale brass for the intake pieces

some aluminum on the diff cover ( i know it wouldnt be period correct but its my build so shush, lol ) and cast metal for the exhaust manifolds

dizzy installed in the block

now lets wire it up

now taking care to drape them so they look realistic

cya next time

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7 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Tue May 10, 2016 10:09 am

Looking really good, Wayne. Love seeing the engines wired. Hope to do one real soon, maybe even my rat.

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8 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 18, 2016 3:44 am


makes it real easy with those fat kid dizzys bud, most of the aggravation i used to have was just making it to begin with lol

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9 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 18, 2016 4:01 am


update time

got some steel on the frame

gonna add brake hoses later when i get some decent calipers and disc brakes for it, so i will do some prep work now

out comes the pin vise

2 holes in the front frame and one in the rear

and since i dont want this whole section to be steel, imma have to do something about that

bit of trusty ole flat black

i could have airbrushed it on but i decided on regular brush for now, this is the first coat, will follow with one more to even things out later

how the chop looks now after initial primer

need to bring back some of the front and rear window mouldings, so out comes a set of sharpened dividers, i think these were about 2 bucks from harbor freight

i set the width to where i want it

then keeping one of the points on the inside edge of the window opening, i use the other point to lightly scribe the moulding line

now its decision time on the running gear

3 options to choose from after i dug around in the hobby room a bit




i am leaning towards number 3 myself because i plan to add brake detail and would like for some of it to be visible... thoughts?

i think i can add the drip moulding back in now as the sanding on the chop is basically done

i grab some tiny ass styrene rod and some liquid cement

starting at the front i tack the moulding into place little by little

debating on opening up the rear windows a bit to match the new drip rail but i kinda like the way it looks now

did the same on the other side

one more thing to think about is gonna be the grill/bumper

do i want to leave it stock

or do a bit o fitting on something to make it stand out a lil

gonna have to think that over for a bit before i decide

cya next update

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10 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 18, 2016 8:06 am

Looks good.

I would go with option 3 for the wheels, gives you the best for showing off cliper work, I think.

Make the grill/bumper look mean, make it look like it has teeth. These old fat cars look real good like that. Very Happy

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11 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 18, 2016 8:33 am


You lying toe rag, there is no way i would have picked bogey color for the engine Sad , and see you only love me so much when i buy you paints tongue bleh bleh bleh

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12 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 18, 2016 8:47 am

He just wanted to see if you really look at his posts and read them. LOL Laughing

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13 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 18, 2016 8:52 am


i look at all the post, don't reply to all of them though, he knows i don't like the color green, what a putz he did it on purpose lol

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14 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 18, 2016 6:18 pm


and??? What a Face

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15 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 25, 2016 8:33 am


ok i think i have enough progress for another update...

decided i am gonna clean up the original bumper and tweak it a bit

i removed the center bar to clean things up

used a file to remove flash and clean up the back side of it

then it is off for a soak in the purple pond

while that is soaking..i will mess with the floor pan a bit

gas tank needs to be a different color to stand out a bit

a touch of dark aluminum should do the trick

now for a change of hue on the straps

i know they wouldnt be copper but i like the color anyhow

tank tweaked

with the frame set in place

front bumper out of the pond

i like the cleaned up look

yanno i can never leave well enough alone, example: side trim....

used a hobby blade followed with a file to remove the trim from the doors

sanded the area flush

got some styrene stock about the same size as the trim

and using liquid cement i set it in place permanently

same for the other side

i like it and its different

dipped the rear bumper in the purple pond as well

some sanding with 1000 grit to remove the mold lines

dont like the lil push bars....

lets get rid of em

snipped them off

then sanded everything flush

looks alot cleaner on the back end now

since i am on the fence about color matching the bumpers or hitting them with spray chrome, i will spray them and see how they look and if i dont like em, i will send them to the pond and color match them later

lets see how this chrome turns out

applied over a gloss black base, its not far off at all and looks more realistic than the kit chrome

time for a test fit of the engine

small problem..........

apparently i should not have added the exhaust manifolds until it was in the frame and ready to be glued into place.....meh

after a bit of deliberation...that motor will be set aside and since this is a custom, its gonna get a custom motor

time to open up the engine bay a bit

out came the dremel

and prepping a different resin block for the paint booth

will have to wait till next update to see where this one goes..

cya then

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16 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 25, 2016 9:38 am

Looking good, Wayne. I get the problem with the engine. Smile

The molding looks pretty good, I like it a lot.

I still think that you should do the front grill to look like a monster mouth, with "fangs". Not sure how to explain it, I have seen it in the past, I think GHOK did it for one of his.

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17 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed May 25, 2016 9:47 am


i was toying with that idea and i think i want to keep it cleaner on this one, maybe some wider mesh in the opening so i can see the radiator n stuff when done

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18 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:24 pm


ok bit of bench time this week, been fun fitting it in while i work and we took the weekend to set up a pool

got a few new toys in the mail the other day

lot of detail for a caliper set

but yanno we always have to add a bit more

drilled holes for the brake hoses

added the front name badge labels

then used the holes i made for the hoses, to mount them up for paint

used some tamiya red through the airbrush

3 light coats look about right to me

then used some acrylic white to flow it into the recessed area on the front

pulled some wire from my wire bucket that will work as brake hoses

out come the crimp beads for the added detail

4 pieces of wire cut a bit long

i glue the wire into the calipers first

then slide the crimp bead down the wire and attach it with a bit of thin super glue

not really feeling this engine for this build, might revert back to the original .......

ok now a bit more on the brakes


just checking, with the trimmed fender wells, original engine now fits again

hate plastic springs, so i collect small ones from anywhere i can get them

glued in place

glued the rotors in place as well with a bit of super glue gel

same on the rear axle

calipers glued in place

on all 4 corners

bright silver base coat applied

will work well for a base for this

3 coats on the lower half, now i will let it set a few days before i mask the top and spray some more

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19 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:38 am


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20 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:48 pm


ok i am a bit annoyed.....
that spazstix paint looks great, awesome color, but fragile as hell

went to mask the roof as i was going off white, almost cream color for the contrast. i use low tack painters tape. lay a bit along the lower roofline ...didnt even burnish it down yet, went to re position it , up comes about half the paint off the body down to the to the pond it went.

so onto other parts while that takes a bath and gets reshot.

maybe i do some interior while i wait on the body..

floor pan will be first

never liked the plastic carpet they mold into the kits. i prefer to make my own so out comes my adhesive of choice

and my embossing powder, gives a better scale finish than the kit pieces

using a wide brush i apply the floor polish evenly everywhere i want to have carpet

nice wet coat, notice i am working over a clean sheet of paper

i use a liberal amount of embossing powder and i use my finger tips to lightly push it into the corners so i get even coverage

i let it sit for about 5 minutes and then tip the floor pan upside down to remove the excess powder

then i fold the sheet of paper in half and reclaim the left over embossing powder

my interior colors

i airbrush the light yellow color first

while i was there i hit the seats as well

something else i am adding to this one is a turned aluminum steering column

this one i got from overseas, 2 pieces, the column itself and the levers are a seperate photo etch piece you have to bend around the column and glue in place. then tweak the levers to the angles you want them

2 coats of the darker tan color on the floor pan

what the embossing powder looks like up close

once the yellow was dry, i masked off the insert areas

and airbrushed the darker tan

then once dry i removed the masks

now its time to add a little trim

armed with my bare metal foil, a sharp hobby knife, a rounded toothpick and a q tip. here we go

speedo decal was in the kit, used some micro sol to settle it into the dash panel

detail paints

picked out the handles with the silver

coming together

steering wheel in place

also taking a page from fletches book, the wheels need some contrast, out comes the gunmetal

front calipers mounted

rears in place

ok body is back from paint again....this time i am gonna leave the top as the silver base coat color and add some bare metal foil for the trim

FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! back to the pond again....and time to pick a different color. that spaz shits will never hit another one of my models

cya in a bit

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21 Re: cool fitty 50 olds mild custom on Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:40 am

Looking good, glad to see I am not the only one who thinks the gunmetal works great!

Love the calipers and the brake lines.

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