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Academy M60A1 Rise with Dozer - Kitbash

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1 Academy M60A1 Rise with Dozer - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:12 am


really now......
did anyone actually think i could make it through the whole contest and only have one build going?

yeaaa me either

this one is gonna take a bit longer than the plane and its uncharted territory for me as its the first bit of armor i have ever done

that being said, this is the subject at hand

wow this thing has some pieces in it, the dozer blade is technically a separate kit with its own instruction book

yea there are a few sealed bags of parts in here

general hull assembly begins

slight warpage on the side panels but i think i can massage them closed with some pressure and decent glue

love the liquid cement for just this reason, flow a drop down the seam, wait a few seconds and then squeeze the two halves together with moderate pressure and hold for about 30 seconds. the glue melts the plastic on the edge and pushes excess out to be sanded off later to reduce on filler

more suspension pieces, you will have to forgive me as i dont know what some of these parts are actually called and the instructions are no real help. they show pics where parts go and occasional color callouts but thats pretty much it.

after the bit of light sanding on the hull the seam looks decent

this one struck me as odd, why numbers on a piece that  (to me ) looks like it will be visible when complete?
and on a textured piece to boot... hmmm

had a few small sink holes on the hull and one small section of the hull seal to fill in. used my two part body filler to take care of these

added the eyelets to the side of the hull

hmmm shucks, i can do shocks

time to make a few more specialized clamps for the workbench, off to the dollar store and picked up a pack of 30 clothes pins for a buck

popped them apart

give em the ole 180

look!! shock holders

now i know most of the shocks are gonna be the body color but the shafts themselves i am doing in metal

after i install them i will mask the shafts with a bit of tape so i can paint the rest of the areas

starting to place them along the hull

hmm why is there no nut i will make some
grab my octagon rod

and start shaving a few "bolt heads" off the end

to me that looks better

if they dont belong there.. dont bother to tell me lol. i am not doing this for the rivet counters or the extremists, i am building it for a learning experience
thats where i am leaving off for now.
cya again soon

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2 Re: Academy M60A1 Rise with Dozer - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:13 am


next thing i tackle is the wheels
talk about repetition
starting with the track drive gears

something i figured out in this kit, i purchased it used but "complete" but i never did find out what a "poly cap " is.
never did find them, i am assuming that they are just spacers to make the tires run true to the suspension so i will make due without them. should not be that difficult
here is where the repetition comes in lol

bit o primer

since i will be weathering these a bit i am starting with a basecoat of humbrol rust

now to add some of these "thingymabobs" to the lower hull

while i was at it, i wanted to get the seam off the gun barrel so i figured that the easiest way to do that was this

then using some fine grit paper i smooth out the seams while it spins

......those numbers are just annoying me now up top

chisel bladed hobby knife

takes all away but there is still a ghost of the lettering there that i will have to deal with a bit later

my A D D is kicking in lol
time to play with a bit o photo etch

see on the bottom left?
these funny lookin things

bent into shape

hmmmmmmph, need to remove some plastic to mount them

all better now

also added the photo etch vent in this pic

now its time for the periscope thingy

bent to shape

installed in place, kinda looks like a mini pop up TV lol

thats it for now, cya in a bit

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3 Re: Academy M60A1 Rise with Dozer - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:14 am


time for some more fun on the tank
shaved the molded in handles off

and added in some PE hinges

time to get the grinder out

seems a bit goofy, these kits cost more than the cars and yet again, here i am, taking grinders, files and the dremel to em lol

more hinges in place

and PE  handles added

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4 Re: Academy M60A1 Rise with Dozer - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:14 am


a bit of an update here as well to get things moving again

put together the side boxes for the upper hull

yeah i sprung for a couple different styled clamps, i had this same type about 20 years ago and loved them then. just a few bucks a pair and you can adjust the tension by adding or removing rubber bands. found them at hobbylinc

more details

shave off the excess molded in plastic

grab the handy dandy PE tool and get to work

couple bands later

and we have more detail

a coat of sand on the wheels

first test fit of the hull is a bit worrying, will have to work on that gap a bit

bottom portion does fit well though

cya in a few days

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5 Re: Academy M60A1 Rise with Dozer - Kitbash on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:15 am


gonna do a bit of detailing on the wheels while i figure out what to do about the fit problem in the rear

hit the wheels with a base coat of sand

then followed that up with a black wash to bring up some of the detail again
same for the rest of the wheels

now one thing i failed to mention earlier, after my rust colored primer i added a sneaky layer of hair spray before the sand color
so now i grab the trusty toothbrush

and some warm water
and lightly scrub the surface of the rims

and the drive wheels

to give the illusion of chipping paint
now using a toothpick and some of the humbrol metalcote silver i am gonna pick out some chips where it went down to the bare metal

i pick out some of the high spots ( yes i had one wheel where it got a bit carried away lol )

same with the drive wheels

then i have something new to try, when wifey was in the UK she brought me home some of this

its a powdered pigment, never used anything like this before so here goes
using a soft bristled brush i dust the wheels

then i followed it all up with some testors dullcote
will sneak a bit more time building in later and post up some more.

what happened to our other entrants?

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6 Re: Academy M60A1 Rise with Dozer - Kitbash on Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:54 pm

The odd numbers on the top of the turret are casting numbers.  They are kind of like a serial number from the manufacturer.  So they are supposed to be there. Very Happy

Here is a link about casting numbers

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7 Re: Academy M60A1 Rise with Dozer - Kitbash on Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:43 pm


ok good to know, i dont normally do military so i had no idea lol

good thing this one is behind a bit or they would have been gone already

when i get done with the plane i will get back on this one

i am having a good time with them but i still think my heart is in the automotive world Very Happy

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8 Re: Academy M60A1 Rise with Dozer - Kitbash on Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:04 am

This is definitely fun to watch. Can't wait till you get back on it.

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