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Solder Headers - Kitbash

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1Solder Headers - Kitbash Empty Solder Headers - Kitbash on Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:45 pm


let me start by saying i am not very fond of kit headers, i dont think they look right in most cases.

so i make my own from solder

starting with this big block
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0636_zps0cb11fce

i grab a piece of wood and make by exhaust port template by drilling holes in the wood with the same spacing as the engines exhaust ports
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0638_zps8c4f176a

2mm solder is just about right for the diameter of headers in scale
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0639_zps0b294c3e

i cut 8 pieces of solder about 1.5 inches long
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0640_zps463bcc3c

to get them straight, i roll them under a block of wood
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0641_zpsa3e9fd74

and here is what i am left with
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0642_zpsfda03d1e

now i insert my "header tubes" into my wood template
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0643_zpsdc9764fe

using a small pair of long tipped needle nose pliers, i start the bending process
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0644_zps105649b5

i get them bent in the shape i want them
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0645_zps9c8d6943

now, leaving them in the template, i cut them to length with a dremel and cut off wheel. i do this slowly so they dont heat up too much
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0647_zpsa0f37ac3

now i flowed a bit of super glue in between the tubes to hold them in place, once they set i pulled the header out of the template
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0647_zpsa0f37ac3

now i repeat for the other side
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0649_zps94fe22fb

Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0650_zps8fe1fa22

once both sides are cut to length, i grab some shrink tubing ( normally used in electronic connections )
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0651_zpsec0ae6d7

i cut a piece a bit longer then needed and slide it over the end of the headers
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0652_zpsce967bf4

once you heat up the shrink tubing it starts to ....shrink ( imagine that ) stop heating the upper portion just before it starts getting tight on the headers. you can heat the lower bit a bit more as this will form your collector
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0653_zps716cf248

i push in on the sides of the collectors ( the area where we stopped just short of it being tight ) and use a small drop of super glue to hold it in place.

time for a test fit on the block
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0654_zps88d3f464

added a bit of steel paint to the collectors
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0655_zps20910ec0

that works for me
Solder Headers - Kitbash IMG_0657_zps0467cf10

2Solder Headers - Kitbash Empty Re: Solder Headers - Kitbash on Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:11 pm


Thanks Wayne, this will help in a couple of stalled projects.

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