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71 Cuda - Kitbash

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171 Cuda - Kitbash Empty 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sun Mar 08, 2015 10:13 am


got this kit not long ago and am planning to do it as a fairly quick ( for me ) build.

71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1377_zpspmjnsdbx

i might have to swap a few bits out here n there to get it the way i want but hey, if i didnt kitbash then where would i be? lol

71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1378_zpsm517x0n3

now i originally built this kit about 20 years ago, i am surprised at the very minimal amount of mold lines and flash considering the age of the kit tooling.

main body parts i am gonna get prepped ( yes i am doing a build with no body mods!!!)
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1379_zps7wvnfjfo

i marked the mold lines with a red marker to make them easier to see, they just have to be knocked down a bit and smoothed so they dont become a problem area for paint later
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1380_zpscv7lttjb

same on rear quarters
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1381_zpsfwdul9y4

a little light sanding is all it takes to clean those up. there was also a slight bit of a mold line at the bottom of the B pillars
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1382_zpsg6bb7sz1

71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1383_zpskg1vnwy7

all prepped .....
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1384_zpsummokinz

but..... i dont like the separate front panel section sticking out like a sore thumb on the finished kit so i am gonna quickly mold it into the rest of the body. a quick touch of tamiya's extra thin cement ( i am starting to use this as my go to cement, easy to work with and bonds nicely
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1385_zpsl1azt02l

set the nose section in place and just touch the brush to the seam, cappilary action draws the cement into the seam
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1386_zpsd9lku8ne

after about 3 seconds ( when the plastic melts at the edges ) you hold light pressure for another 3 seconds and the bonding is complete
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1387_zps952epm9p

now i have to do a bit of shopping for some home stuff, cya a bit later today with another quick update

271 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sun Mar 08, 2015 2:18 pm

Custom Mike

Custom Mike
I love my Tamiya Extra Thin Cement, best stuff I've ever used!

And if you didn't do any kitbashing, you'd legally have to give up your screen name....

371 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:38 am


I bought the same exact kit to also do a quick build (triple black). and guess what, it's still in the box.

471 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Tue Mar 10, 2015 2:43 am


I love it Wayne. I have a 1971 Hemi 'Cuda on the table as I type. It's one of those projects I'm trying to finish this year. I have 3 more '71 'Cuda WIPs needing completion this year. The Tamiya Glue is good stuff, I use it from time to time as my glue of choice is near impossible to find these days.

571 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:38 pm


heh i am thinking more along the lines of FrankenCuda for this one

71 Cuda - Kitbash Fast-5-1

it wont be exact, but its the direction i am leaning towards

a little rough sanding on the front valance panel until i get a coat of primer on it in a bit
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1388_zpsrbixmbbr

71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1389_zpsyoszxltu

reason i hate unprimer plastic, you cant really see the little seam thats left

trust me, its there as you will see in a bit

before i prime i have to do something about the grill area...
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1390_zpsv5yv4brp

i grab a drill bit
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1391_zpsib0mhcky

i drill a hole into each recess panel
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1392_zpsa4kyb177

using a hobby knife i start opening up the inserts
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1393_zpsll6c4n0g

oh yeah, a pic of the new floor =o)
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1394_zpslfpr4ndw

got the hobby files out and started opening up the grille some more
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1395_zpszka8c6i4

while i am at it and before first primer coat, i am gonna deepen the window molding channels a bit
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1396_zpswckwsy5r

what i use for the channels.. a dollar store divider with one of the tips pushed in a bit further than the other
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1397_zps0karcjtw

the long end goes under the lip, the short end rides in the channel
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1398_zpstewjalae

after a few passes it has deepened the channel enough to make foiling easier later

ready for the first primer coat
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1399_zpsfp3wnc2f

decanted some rusto white primer and shot it through the airbrush
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1400_zpsnbbfha6d

once it dried you can see the imperfections clearly where you could barely see them before.. these are gonna need just a bit of filler to smooth out
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1400_zpsnbbfha6d

the other side
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1402_zpsx04297jb

my filler of choice for the small shallow fills
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1403_zpsgqhj9ufl

i use a flat toothpick to apply it to the seam on each side
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1404_zps2qgmdaed

now with a show of hands...who thinks this next pic has 0 chance of ever making it into this build? lol
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1405_zpsqeyzlg1x

see ya when the putty dries and i get a bit more bench time

671 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:21 pm


Our 'Cuda's are so similar yet still different. I need start a thread and post mine as it comes together as well.

That engine has NO chance of making it into that model. I have used the block in one of my 'Cuda builds but bolted (lol) all resin parts to it. funny how they decided a water pump wasn't needed on that engine!

I need to add a divider/compass to my model tool arsenal, I could use less time patching where my #11 jumps the window trim.

Floor looks great.

771 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:47 pm

Custom Mike

Custom Mike
Wayne, the seam between the front valance and fender is supposed to be there...unless you decide it needs to go! I'm gonna grab myself a divider, that is a great tip!

And no, that engine will never be there...rust it up and leave it on it's side next to the completed build!

871 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:45 pm


I went diving through some boxes in my warehouse and found 3 old dividers. Once I got them home I was able to make one that should do the trick. I know I have a few more at the warehouse as I would like a smaller one for working on models.

Yes there is a seam there. I always hated it because it sticks out like a sore thumb on this kit. I wanted to glue it, fill it, and re-scribe it a little more subtly to look more like the real car.

A guy that used to be in our model car club but moved to Atlanta and now is a member of ACME, filled and painted it and it looked so friggin' good. I don't know how he did it because you cant get the chassis in with it attached. Or How would you glue then paint it, (His is show quality) with the chassis already installed. If I ever see him again I plan to ask.

971 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:51 am


Mike, i dislike panel lines in general lol
even on the 81 monte carlo in real life i molded in the front nose and the read taillight surrounds because i think it made it look cleaner.
(dont have pics as car is up in Buffalo while i am down in GA lol)

i will find a way to get the chassis in it , one way or another jocolor

1071 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:19 pm


have you had any trouble with that glazing putty shrinking at all ??

1171 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Mon Mar 16, 2015 6:13 am


nah , because i only use it very thin on very small fill spots. if i have anything larger than the lines of this then i go to the 2 part filler which looks identical to this one but uses a hardener to set it off instead of air

1271 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:20 am


where do you get the regular and the two part filler at ??? would like to try it, as I need some new filler and the two part USC autobody Icing I like to use is now 30 bucks for a 24 oz. tube!!!!! OUCH!!!!!

1371 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Wed Mar 18, 2015 7:45 am


any decently stocked auto parts store will carry it bud
i happen to work for autozone so its easy for me to get when needed but i know the other major chains carry it as well.

some of you also saw this coming......
post lady was nice to me the other day

71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1439_zpsg9dxrdoo

will have to get some more time in this one later as well

cya in a while

1471 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:15 pm


Thanks Wayne, I'll check out the local Auto Zone.

1571 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Wed Mar 18, 2015 10:22 pm

Custom Mike

Custom Mike
When I saw the grille insets being drilled out, I figured either a PE set or some kind of mesh was gonna show up! That looks like it's got pretty much everything you'll need plus some extra goodies for another build!

1671 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:06 am


i am spending the day checking out my options for the power plant on this one.
i have a few hemi blocks here and there but i am gonna have to bash a few things together to get things the way i want.
will update later on what i decide..

on a side note, does anyone have one of the yankee challenger kits with the 2 inlet scoop in it i can borrow for a few days. i think i want to copy it in resin and use it here.

if not then i am sure i can make something up but it would save time finding one lol

1771 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:09 am

Custom Mike

Custom Mike
The Hemi from the AMT '70 Super Bee Pro Street is a great one if you have it available. And I traded off the Yankee Challenger about two months ago.... Mad

1871 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:10 pm


don't have a yankee challenger, but I do have a resin shotgun scoop I bought a couple years ago (looks a lot like the yankee piece) if you want to cast it. I can take a picture of it if your interested.

1971 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sun Mar 22, 2015 1:47 pm


thanks bud but after thinking on it...
i might go in a different direction , i have a decent pic in my head now so i should be ok

or atleast thats what the voices tell me

lets get back to work..

poured up a better lookin Hemi block
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1455_zps2rfn8eix

test fitting a couple different intake options

like carbs
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1457_zpsz7u2hhon

injector hat

not bad but still not quite strange enough for me, but it will work for a mock up

71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1459_zpsgajr0ute

ok now i have a better idea, these are gonna work their way on here in one way or another
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1460_zpsvn95oqgt

quick slap up of a blower intake runner
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1463_zpsgjdfwfeg

drop the engine back in the body so i can mark where the new hood opening will be
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1467_zpssvts9cpk

with the engine in, i mark the fenders and front valance where the edges of the hole will be
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1468_zpsmoaj36qr
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1469_zpsr97zsuyc

then i pop the engine out, put the hood on and transfer my measurements over to the hood
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1470_zpsnsytk1jk

71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1471_zpsz7tju4uc

now i drill a small hole in each corner where the new hole will be
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1472_zpss2kkkwmv

using a cutting wheel on the dremel i cut to the inside of the lines
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1473_zpsp1lfpltu
always cut on the smaller side, it is easier to remove more later than try to put some back if you cut too big.

rough cut done
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1474_zpsvhvp7wd4

now its a bit of file time
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1475_zps0opbtlfh

all cleaned up
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1476_zpsmioxou4l

now that hood is sorted, i am leaning towards the rims from this kit
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1478_zpszqkw7lfu

so i am gonna widen the kits tubs so i can tuck these tires and rims up in there pretty tight
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1477_zpsdcatgt3w

little more dremel work
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1479_zpsvcgoeojh

followed by some more file time
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1480_zps8qjcdzhx

mock up to see if i like the look
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1481_zps0vhtqj7j

yea that'll work

last thing for todays post is the engines major parts heading to the paint booth
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1482_zpsxvw2ostj

cya soon

2071 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:59 pm


Great look, love the engine. The mock up looked really good.

I would have made a resin hood to cut up, if that were me. Very Happy

2171 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:59 pm


nah i have 2 other spare hoods in the parts bin

wouldnt wanna waste the mold rubber on a one off Very Happy Very Happy

2271 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:37 pm

Custom Mike

Custom Mike
Man, that's gonna be one monster motor Wayne! And I like the Foose rims, they should look great on this!

2371 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Tue Mar 24, 2015 8:21 am


back to the Cuda....

weapons of choice for the engine
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1483_zpsmoek2b76

i still like the testors metalizers, i seem to be more comfortable with them than i am with the alclad as of yet. give it time and i will prolly get used to the alclad later but for now i like my metalizers lol

oil pan ends up gunmetal as i wanted a darker metal shade
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1484_zpsm5h5tmq8

block is magnesium and the heads aluminum
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1485_zpshca1hryj

blower is flat aluminum as well as the modified carb mount
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1486_zpsb2ajzxpl

went with magnesium on the valve covers as well because i like the contrast
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1487_zpslkfuqwhp

chrome silver for the weber stacks along with brass and burnt metal for the bodies
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1488_zpsmyyipd8e

a set of detail master scripts.. goin with the Blown Hemi scripts for the valve covers
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1489_zpszqaad15f

i adhere these with future floor polish
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1490_zpsqiwty4t4

i brush on a wet coat on the upper portion of the valve cover and set the scripts in place, once dried i hit it with another coat to blend the writing into the covers and make them permanent
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1492_zps75mh0sen

better view, future is not totally dry here yet but you get the idea
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1493_zpsm0pudevy
you can also see where i added crimp beads to both the carbs and the center rail for fuel distribution purposes.

now i will add some detail master linkages to the side of the carbs
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1494_zpsh8zbtnm2

so they dont fly all over when i cut them off, i stick the whole fret to a pieve of masking tape before cutting
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1495_zps5pblt1vo

1st one in place
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1496_zps09ymxhmj
3 more to go lol..

couple shots after the fuel lines are in place
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1497_zpsycegmxzb
71 Cuda - Kitbash IMG_1498_zpsnri2mnye

thats it for this morning
cya soon

2471 Cuda - Kitbash Empty re; 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:23 am

Gary Parker

Mr. Kitbash,, AWESOME MOTOR DUDE!!! Can't wait to see MORE!! , but we'll have to huh?? As soon as you said you had to do something w/ the grille area,,, I knew what you were doing . Guess it comes from being  in "THE HOBBY " for years & experiencing all kinds of fun stuff. Looking Good Sir, GOD BLESS

2571 Cuda - Kitbash Empty Re: 71 Cuda - Kitbash on Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:44 am


very cool induction set up Smile

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