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Flocking Alternative

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1Flocking Alternative Empty Flocking Alternative on Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:09 pm


in the search for a scale rendition of automotive carpeting.. i saw someone that mentioned using fine embossing powder instead of the out of scale store bought flocking.

here is what i am starting out with.
Flocking Alternative IMG_0253_zps5d507459

this is the floorpan i will be working on
Flocking Alternative IMG_0252_zps72e7337d

now i am using the acrylic floor polish as an adhesive, you could also use diluted elmers glue or even wet paint as an adhesive. i prefer the future
Flocking Alternative IMG_0254_zps2d8bdf5b

put a nice even coat of the floor polish on the floorpan
Flocking Alternative IMG_0255_zpsdbb06918

sprinkle the embossing powder on rather heavy, most will shake off once things dry
Flocking Alternative IMG_0256_zps79825cc6

after the floor polish dries i tap off the excess so i am left with this
Flocking Alternative IMG_0257_zps5625701a

also doing the lower portion of the door cards
Flocking Alternative IMG_0258_zpsa2f5c705

after the treatment
Flocking Alternative IMG_0259_zps20649526

getting ready for paint
Flocking Alternative IMG_0262_zps2492d675

acrylic paint of choice..99 cents per 2oz at wally world Very Happy
Flocking Alternative IMG_0260_zps5e68e7f8

after the flat black paint
Flocking Alternative IMG_0266_zps08e8b985

only thing left to do is paint the floor mat semi gloss black. but i think the carpet looks 100x better than flocking

what ya think?

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