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Clearing the air for a minute......(Drama Alert)

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OK i got an email today from Joe that kinda has me a bit pissed off.

i know some of you are friends with Joe and if this offends you, then by all means, i apologize in advance, but if you read this through you will understand why this has me so annoyed.

apparently he has me all figured out in his little mind and has promised to let others know exactly how i am......

now let me start back a while ago when we were on the old forum

smh, where to begin...

when Joe first joined the forum i thought he was a good addition, engine work looked good even if his attitude was a bit crass. he kept trying to help me build a user base and at the same time had an aversion to letting new people join without knowing them or knowing if they would contribute or just read and get ideas. while he helped contribute to some of the prize packs we used to offer on build off's, he was not fully on board with them because the people who joined " only joined for the prizes and then would disappear "  while i took that fact as a part of forum life, you recruit a bunch of people in hopes that one or two decent ones from each build off would hang around even after the contests were over. Over the course of time we had attracted some really decent builders, some of which did not really get along with Joe and his coarse personality so we lost some good people as well as some lurkers. i still chucked this up to forum life and still backed Joe even when i was getting messages about his attitude towards others just simply because he was a long time member and i didnt want to muddy the waters.  I see now this was a mistake.

when i started casting 1/8 stuff Joe asked me to send him one of the big blocks i had.

sent it to him and he decided to redo it to be more accurate
his words were

"I hope you don't mind me doing this. I just want to stick it in the LSM guys faces. And I want to really let them know they are not the only ones who can do this. And that it was 2 ex members that don't like the way they are that is doing it. "

"I need your email. I will send you all of the build pictures on the 1/8th engine. Post them to your facy bookey page and let all know it was built and will be available soon. And now NO one can say this was theirs, it is yours. "

now is where i wish we did not have phone conversations as well as i could show you what was said back and forth between us for the last few months. i prefer messages or emails for just this reason. Joe wanted a copy of the 409 and also another 572 which i had no problem with but i told him i was also working on a potvin style supercharger and a 1/12 scale big block and was going to send them all together as a mass shipment along with a Tank kit i bought for his birthday and had sitting aside.

Sorry but with work getting in the way ( which Joe has also taken offense to )it was taking a bit of time and Joe got impatient. this is the entire email he sent me....
"Hey Wayne

I am still waiting for the two 1/8th scale engines. I can't figure out why you have not sent them to me yet ????????

If you are waiting for the boat to get there to save some on shipping, well you are not going to see the boat for about another year. I would hope I do not have to wait another year on top of the months I have been waiting.

I mean jeez man, I designed the bloody 409 and gave you everything. And you have not sent one to me. I am just scratching my head trying to figure out what the hold up is on these two engines. I cannot think of a single reason why you have not sent them yet.

They are selling pretty well on Ebay, but I can't get them sent to me. I don't get it at all. If it is the cost of shipping them to me well that I really really don't get.


I forgot to add. I also let you recast and sell my designed 1/16th engines and those are selling well. Dude this makes no sense why I have waited over 6 months and am still waiting to get the engines. It would be lie if I told you this was not upsetting me, it is."

** let me insert this here, apparently his version of selling well is me marking them down to $25 bucks a piece just to get them to move and me selling 3 of the 429's and 5 of the twin plug hemi engines over a 6 month period**

i responded to Joes message with this....
"seriously bud?

i have your engines casted and in the box, i also have most of the potvin system done but have to figure out the plumbing
i also have your birthday gift in the same box.
i was also going to surprise you and send you one of the 1/12 big blocks that i am almost dome making the masters for.

i didnt realize you were in a hurry to get them or i would have sent partials as i went, didnt make sense to me since i assumed you werent in a rush.

i will box up what i have and get it out this week to you, will send other stuff as i complete it but time making masters is hard to come by right now with me doing the 55hr weeks at the day job. i do what i can when i can"

now is when Joe started to show his true colors...

he replied...

"yea seriously

Don't bother, I don't like your attitude.

You acting like I have a problem even though i made it, gave it to you, allowed you to sell my other engines, you are profiting hundreds of dollars from my kindness. I don't have any problem with any of that.

But you having an attitude with me asking why it's taking so long?  I didn't ask for any of the stuff you have me waiting on.

Just keep it, I am not interested anymore.

I will not be posting here anymore also. As it is just you and I doing it now what is the point ? I am not getting into any kind of a deal about me leaving. The board died than I left. it's that simple.


so rather than getting into a pissing match i closed the message and moved on to create the new forum and push forward as best as i can.

a week after he left he sent me another message
"As I am no longer a member, please stop selling my 1/16th engines. I gave you permission to sell them now I am not.

I will check your Ebay auction to be sure.


i pulled them down the same day and went on with my life

then out of the blue today i get this email...

"So Wayne doesn't even bother to answer the email from Joe about sending him the stuff he paid for. That is because Wayne never bought anything. He was charging Joe for what he already had. But that did not stop you from cashing the check. But now you are stuck because you never bought anything and can't mail anything.

You got caught pal.

I don't know why I ever trusted a guy that tried to lie and cheat his way into Social Security Disability. After I told you it would take 5 years, a month later you are working 50 hours a
week. Yea sure you were disabled. Cheats like you make it harder for people like me when we need the disability. No one that is disabled goes from filing a claim to 50 hours a week in 30 days. Unless they were never disabled in the first place, no one !

Don't worry, I will make sure every hears what you are. If you would cheat a guy like me that did so much for you and your board and it's members, well I just feel I should share that with everyone in the model world. And I won't even have to say or mention your name in my posts for every one to know it is you.

No reply needed. Sit back and reap what you have sown.

Joe Sargenti.

PS: The only thing I have ever been accused of is being to nice."


now apparently Joe has seen my doctors records and disagrees with 2 different specialists who both did agree with each other that my back is so far gone that they dont know how i get around without a wheel chair. i took a job because i had no choice in the matter at all. it was take a job or go without food, heat, electric and eventually a home because in GA you are not entitled to any form of support unless you are willing to work. ( and at the same time having a disability lawyer telling me that if i take a job my disability claim will get thrown out and will have to wait until i am unemployed again to pursue it any further. )

now i really wish he had to live with the pain i go through daily just getting out of bed, or the 4 hours of sleep i regularly get each night because the vertebrae rub together when laying down and wake me up.

i work with a back belt and avoid lifting anything, i am good at what i do, i manage, hence the store manager position i currently hold. which is a 55 hour a week job on average. i have employees to lift things when i need it, ask garrett, ( he is moving currently but will be rejoining this forum once he gets a place set up to do some building again ) the people who work for me go out of their way to make sure i dont overdo it and hurt myself because they respect me.

and so much for his last comment
"I am not getting into any kind of a deal about me leaving. The board died than I left. it's that simple. "

apparently he forgot it was his idea to go and he still wanted me to waste my time and money on someone who proved himself to be an asshole when the cards were down.

now i know he will be using facebook and other ways to contact some of you as he does still consider you friends ( his definition of friendship is apparently if he sends you something ( anything ) he owns your soul until he has a hissy fit and decides he wants to try to slander you to people who dont really give a damn and are only here for the builds and dont want the drama.

this will be the only post i ever make about this, i just thought it would be nice to let you all know the kind of person Joe really is at heart. he can put on his savior act as much as he likes but at the end of the day you cant change who you are.

you all can draw your own conclusions
this is not meant to be a slagging area so i am locking this topic, if you have anything to add you can feel free to message me.

i am just so tired of drama queens on ego trips

lol now it looks like ole bob and joe plan to try to gang up on me on Fb and slander the hell out of me... good luck there since everyone i have dealt with has nothing but good to say about me.

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