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Need convincing

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1Need convincing Empty Need convincing on Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:15 pm


I have been doing some serious thinking, so yeah it's smoky at my place, and I think I'm gettin a tumor, been building for over 45 years, doing kustomz, 35-37 years of that, have more projects then Carter has pills, so yeah I'm starting to BURN out, guess ya know what I'm thinking ?, yeah selling out of the hobby, I have 5 massive projects going right now, AT the SAME TIME, not counting the other 20-30, you guys have seen some, and others are just waiting for parts, so on that note, gonna give myself a few projects to finish, then decide, so tell me, why, and how long have ya been in the hobby, and what drives ya to build the next one

2Need convincing Empty Re: Need convincing on Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:37 pm


Like I said on FB, I have built on and off for over 39 years. A long time, with breaks here and there. I wish I still had the models and the parts boxes I used to have, I probably would not need another model my whole life.

Just today, one of my boys told me that they loved it when I build with them, so, that has become my newest reason to go on to another.

Also, I love vehicles, so much so, that I could never build a 1:1, so, this is my way of building all of my dream cars.

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