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Dedicated to the reproduction of detail in any scale

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Kitbash - Introduction

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1Kitbash - Introduction Empty Kitbash - Introduction on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:01 am


For those that do not know me....
My name is Wayne, my wife's name is Tina and you will see here on here occasionally.
I am interested in all sorts of modeling and detailing in scale.

the reason for the site, as it always has been, is to post information on different building techniques and styles so that anyone that happens upon this site can learn something.

that is why we push for details on your postings, the more info that is there, the easier it is for someone else to learn from you in the future.

i am currently a store manager of an Autozone and work between 50-60 hours a week. i build when i can and post as often as time permits.

Welcome over to the new site to any who follow me from the old, and a warm welcome to any new people who happen to join in.

If you are a new member, we only ask two things on this forum.
1 do not be a troll (bashing other peoples builds will get you removed without question.)
2 leave positive feedback if something has helped you, or kept your interest.

every 3 months i will prune the member list, inactive members ( ones that have not posted in 30 days ) will be removed.

we would rather have low numbers and active members than large numbers and no posts.

hope to see you all posting up your current builds as work logs.
have a great one!


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